Small and Secure

It gives me great comfort to take my place in your vast and majestic Kingdom.

Tiny and small and totally dependent on you.  Submitted to your Lordship.

My mind can only grasp a fraction of who you are. Every day I realize that there will never be a time on this earth when this knowledge is complete. But the thought of that only makes me excited. Imagine a level of goodness that cannot be fathomed! That sets me up for a lifetime of constantly unpacking treasures and delights.  

I have come to learn that I can never figure things out to perfection. My feeble attempts to understand bring only a surface level relief, the deepest reassurance actually comes from leaving it all to be sorted out by the one who knows everything. I will continue to question this and that, will seek to connect the dots. At the end of the day, what makes sense is to hide under the shadow of your wing.

Yes, my smallness is a comfort, because you see, I don’t have to posture for anybody. I am enough and any attempts at significance can only be feeble and rather futile. All I can do is to surrender to be a vessel for your light.

That is enough. Beyond that, anything else is vanity.

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