Happy Money

I sing when I have money. I am gregarious, hopeful, generous. I feel capable and my self belief soars. Belief that I can make more. Belief that my skills and talents are all that. That I am all that.

I beam when I have dime. I am a super parent, can do it all on my own, I am a provider. I am not a beggar.

I am glad when I have cash. I can indulge in a nail or hair do. Buy myself fresh squeezed sugar cane juice with a lemon or two. I can buy presents in time for the birthday girl’s big day and not just aim for some time during the birthday month.

I am focused when I have bucks. I draw up plans and expect they will work, I have the funds to make things flow. Invest in this and that, top up the emergency fund. Nod along to the finance gurus, clap for those girl bosses making bank.

I can sleep when my balance is good. The ish is still hitting the fan but now I can afford to clean it up. When I am flush with cash, I can make to-do lists, put them away for tomorrow and turn the lights off. When I am broke, my dreams have me meandering in confusion in strange cities, or trapped in long ago high schools, running to get to a class that turns out to be the wrong one. When I am loaded I sleep deep and long, and get up ready to rumble.

I am happy when I have money.

You say it can’t buy you happiness?

I don’t know about that.

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