Not a grasshopper

God has given me a plan and the faith I will need to accomplish it. If I tell you my plan it is likely that you will see it as hopeless because God did not give it to you. He gave it to me. He did not give you the faith that the plan requires, the grit, guts and tenacity. He gave them to me, in exactly the right amount for the particular plan He has for me.

You may see me as a grasshopper and the inhabitants of the promised land as giants. You may warn me to see myself that way too. But I cannot afford to.

I cannot let your insecurities trigger mine. I need to keep my gaze on the mighty army that is on my side. The angels that protect me and shine a light onto the next step I need to take. I will not take your suggested shortcuts and I will not rely on my own wits. Why should I, when there is a whole army paving the way for me to fulfill God’s purpose for my life.

So with all due respect, I do not have much time to indulge in other people’s view of what is possible or not. My schedule is full, occupied with finding and obeying my Lord’s instructions. And I do need every ounce of energy I posses to envision a reality that aligns with the truth of God’s power. He orders my steps and I need to hear what He is saying.

I will humble myself in submission before Him and move forward on His terms. I will enjoy the peace that comes from knowing that He holds me up with His righteous right hand. He is bigger than any giant I will encounter. And I am no grasshopper.

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