The last day of a month in which I have been blessed immensely. A month in which God has shown me the possibility of living the kind of life I never thought possible. One underscored by peace.

I have really enjoyed the Prince of Peace being my Lord. This is a gift that I will never get over. Peace is priceless. It is the portal to so much of what the Lord offers.

I have been able to see the Lord at work in me and in my children because I have the peace to observe the changes. The Holy Spirit is able to get my attention because I am at rest. The Word is able to penetrate my innermost conscious and influence my conscience because I am at peace.

I am able to look at my challenges in a different way. The mountains behind me and those ones looming ahead. I can now call them uncircumcised philistines because of the peace that comes from knowing that my battles are fought by the Prince of Peace.

I am grateful to you Jesus my Lord.

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