New beginnings

Happy New Year to me!

O Lord thank you for this life. Thank you for the essence of me, for my innate joy, for the love that splashes in waves within me and flows all over the people that you have given me.

Thank you Lord for teaching me, giving me the wisdom that I need to navigate a world that is complex and yet profoundly simple. Thank you Lord that my blessings are in your hands, that you are always, ALWAYS in control, that you hold my life in the palm of your hand.

Thank you Lord for all that is beautiful and gorgeous in me, for the light that gushes out through the cracks. For the ways in which the pain from the broken shards allows me to recognise the same in others’ eyes. For letting me know how to touch them gently so they do not hurt even more.

Thank you Lord for the gifts you have given me, beautiful children with vivacious souls, brimming with wit, strong and kind. Thank you Lord for the ones you placed after me, in the womb of the most incredibly nurturing person, under the care of fatherly pride that continues to make its mark.

Thank you Lord for your grace, for undeserved favour and forgiveness, for myriad chances for a do-over, for giving me space to stand where shame would have consumed me.

Thank you for continuing to shut the portals of fear and obliterating the enemy, for deadening the pain of his sharp assaults.

Thank you Lord for new beginnings, for creating a path of new blessings for me to traipse along, for new doors that open and let in bearers of favour.

Thank you Lord for the lessons from the old, and the rewards to be enjoyed in the new.

Happy Birthday to me.

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