Sunset with Baby

The sun is setting. It is a beautiful scene. Made even more so by looking at it through the tinted glass and net curtains with a purple and grey pattern. That is our front door.

We recently moved here. It was a step of faith. Only God knows how we will afford to stay.

“Look at the sunset,” I tell my baby. She smiles back at me, she shares my love of colour. I hold her close, she is sitting on my lap. I kiss her cheek, she coos with pleasure.

I treasure every part of her little frame, I swing her legs up and down. Because she is sensitive, she feels my emotion and turns around to look at my face. I feel her rather large belly button as I wrap my arms around her waist. It reminds me of many things.  Near misses and ambulance rides.  A real full-term miracle. I am filled with gratitude. I soak in the moment.

“I am Mummy’s baby”, she says with a sweet lisp. We look at the sunset. It is really beautiful.  Like life at this very moment.

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