Birthday questions

Small daughter and I are on the morning commute to school and work, this is where we do the bulk of our “bonding”.  As we discuss ideas for her birthday celebration she asks me a question that reflects the “babyness” of her thoughts and the ever present sibling rivalry.

“If I am born in October and Big sister is born in November, does that mean that I am now older than her?” she asks with a lot of hope.  I quickly dash her dreams to out rank her sister.

Then the not so babyish question comes.  “But that is not really my birthday anyway, is it?”

I am puzzled and remind her that this is the date we have always celebrated her birthday.

“No, it can’t be because you were not there when I was born,” she answers.

I must prepare for a life of questions big and small, about birthdays, birth mums and every thing in-between.

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